Journey Wishes


A journey wish is a farewell you send to your friends and family as they are about to embark on their next adventure – “Have a safe trip!” “Enjoy your travels!” “Pleasant journeys!” It is our send-off for them to set sail and to return from their trip safely and with mission accomplished, whether they are traveling on business, going in search of something specific to bring back (something tangible or simply newfound knowledge), looking for a quiet escape from every day life, to view something beautiful or extraordinary, a celebration,… The reasons to travel are endless.

A journey isn’t required to be some far off place. Think back on your childhood. Sometimes just the act of going somewhere is a journey, even if it is driving to Grandma’s house for a special visit.

Hopefully, an adventure includes surprises, something unexpected. Perhaps you encounter someone who becomes a new friend. Maybe you discover something you never realized about yourself. You might discover a new food or a new hobby.

Whatever the purpose or however far your journey takes you, may it be full of adventure!