Some of my earliest and happiest memories are journeys I took with my family. Whether it was a bike ride with my grandma at the beach, a road trip to see the Fall colors back East, or my first visit to another country with my mom and my sister, there are moments that stand out to me as highlights, the “best of the best” from those journeys that can wrap up how I felt with one image in my mind, a familiar scent, or a song playing in my head.

I have always loved to travel and experience new places and adventures with my family. That love grew when I married my husband and we started our own family. I wanted my kids to experience the world – near and far – to see history up close, to meet people who maybe talked a little differently and who liked to do different things, to hear other languages and simply see the world as a bigger place than our little corner of Paradise.

I have spent the last several years as a professional travel specialist working with families who are looking for just the right adventure to share with their children and grandchildren. I have loved getting to know these families, many of whom have become good friends, and helping them find the ideal vacation. My ultimate goal is to make the planning as stress-free as possible for my clients so they can simply arrive at their destination and start making memories.  #dreamjob

Let’s share our journeys! I will share everything from planning, packing, adventuring, and reflecting!

How can I make your vacation magical?